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Experinced Military Defense Lawyer and Court-Martial AttorneyIf the military is taking action against you, you need an aggressive, experienced military defense lawyer who will fight for you. Your best chance at winning your case and keeping your career starts with finding the right attorney. Matt James is an experienced criminal attorney who has prosecuted and defended thousands of criminal cases. As a felony civilian prosecutor and former active duty officer, he knows how to thoroughly investigate and defend any type of military case. He knows all sides of military cases and knows how to give you the best defense possible. Rated as a top-notch military defense attorney and “aviator’s advocate” in the U.S. Air Force, he is known as a “fierce defender” with an “impressive record of courtroom successes.” Put his experience and dedication to work for you. Call now for an initial consultation.

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  • Administrative Actions

    A military discharge is the end of your career and your retirement. Article 15s and Demotion Actions can cost you thousands and end your career. Know your rights and provide the best response possible.
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  • Court-Martial Defense

    A military court-martial is a threat to your life, liberty, and military career.  Your first and most important choice is your choice of a defense lawyer. Read more »

  • Military Law

    No matter what action the military is taking against you, know your rights and be prepared.
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